Why Are Patient Portals Important

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Why Are Patient Portals Important

Patient Portal Benefits Patient Care And Provider Workflow


When providers and staff tell patients about the portal, they assure them that the portal will only be used to respond to the patient’s message …

Benefits Of Patient Portal What Makes It So Great For A Provider

Benefits of Patient Portal: What Makes It So Great for a Provider?

Patient portals provide the ability for patients to have 24-hour access to connect with their provider by reviewing patient health information ( …

Patient Portals Facilitating Engagement With Inpatient Electronic


Hospitals and other health care organizations can facilitate patient access to their EMR information through patient portals. Patient portals can provide secure …

What Is A Patient Portal And How Does It Help Medical Practices


Patient portals help encourage better physician-patient relationships and give patients more control over their treatment. They’re able to check …

20 Ways A Patient Portal Will Benefit Your Practice PCC Blog


Portals can increase patient loyalty. The ongoing relationship and communication that occurs outside of appointments encourages patients to feel cared for and …

Patient Portals Have Benefits But Not Everyone Can Access Them


A new study found that portal users had higher knowledge about their disease, higher ratings of current health, and lower disease-related …

How Patient Portals Improve Patient Engagement


May 13, 2016 – Patient portals are an online website that is connected to the EHR, centrally focused on patient access to health data.

Patient Portals California Health Care Foundation

Patient Portals

By providing a portal, or electronic doorway, through which to access health information and communicate with providers, patients can better monitor their …

10 Benefits Of Patient Portals You Can T Miss For Your Practice Boost

10 Benefits Of Patient Portals You Can’t Miss For Your Practice

4. Patient portals satisfy meaningful use standards · Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities · Increase patient …

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